Blender 2.8 industrial robot

Animating Industrial Robots with Blender

3 minutes read
In this article, you will learn about the opportunities of using Blender to animate industrial robots. Blender is an open source 3D animations software, which is used by 3D artists all over the world to create 3D art and cinematics scene, including blockbuster movies. A couple of weeks ago, someone mentioned to me that Blender 2.8 will be a revolutionary ...

Machinekit ROS controlling an industrial robot

Machinekit ROS controlling an industrial robot

5 minutes read
In a previous article, I explained how Machinekit and ROS could be combined to build fully autonomous robots. In this article, I focus on my project of retro-fitting an industrial robot arm with Machinekit and using it with ROS. The combination of ROS and Machinekit leverages the low-level real-time motion control capabilities of Machinekit and the high-level robotic tools that ...

Web UIs for Machinekit

5 minutes read
In this blog post, I present WebVCP - web-based user interfaces for Machinekit. Reasons for web UIs over native UIs I have dedicated a lot of my work in the last years ro QtQuickVcp which is a remote UI framework for Machinekit targeting desktop and mobile applications. So you may wonder why I even explored the possibilities of web UIs ...

Machinekit Europe meeting - Machinekit Introduction

< 1 minute read
On July 2nd and 3rd, I visited the Machinekit Europe meeting hosted by the Eletrolab Hackerspace in Nanterre, Paris. The hackerspace team recorded all talks and Frederic agreed to do the editing work. The first session of the meeting Machinekit Introduction by Michael and Bas, is now ready to be watched on YouTube: Michael talks about Machinekit and potential applications ...

Machinekit on the C.H.I.P. 9$ computer

13 minutes read
This article is about using the NextThing C.H.I.P. minicomputer with Machinekit. It explains how one can write GPIO drivers for Machinekit. Furthermore, it also shows how one can build Machinekit on the CHIP and how to cross compile an RT-PREEMPT kernel for the CHIP using the CHIP-SDK. If you are more interested in installing Machinekit and a pre-compiled RT kernel ...