About the Machine Koder

The Machine Koder helps machine tool manufacturers and robotic companies to create easy-to-use and good-looking HMIs and user interfaces for their machines.

I already helped many customers from different industries to reach their goals. The founder Alex (Rössler) Poss has over ten years of experience with creating HMIs using Qt with both C++ and Python.

Besides knowing how to make great-looking machine tool UIs, I also have profound knowledge in engineerings such as electronics engineering, motion control systems, robotics, and M2M middleware.

Due to my broad understanding of machine tools, in contrast to many competitors, I can analyze and understand your whole machine system and not only the user interface part. On the other hand, I have a good taste for aesthetics and visual appearance for machine UIs.

My Services

I provide HMI and user interface engineering services for machine tools, robots, and other industrial machines.

A great HMI makes your machine more natural to use by your customers and, therefore, decreases support calls and increases customer retention.

Don‘t hide your great engineering work behind an outdated user interface. Your machines HMI should be as excellent as your machines.

My Mission

I founded the Machine Koder company in 2017 because I love machine HMIs. However, I noticed that the state-of-the-art in the manufacturing industry lacks behind GUI technologies already broadly available for mobile devices.

My business is founded on zeal, experience, and mastery. I know that understanding both engineering principles and visual aesthetics is necessary to create great machine tool UIs.

My mission is to make machine HMIs great again, to give a new generation of machine operators a user experience equal or better to what they are used to have with their consumer devices and gadgets.

About You

I work with machine tool manufacturers, robotics companies, and other industrial machine manufacturers who understand the necessity for great machine HMIs.

I don‘t work with companies who do not value an excellent user-experience for their machine operators, and for whom complex, hard-to-understand Uis, a business model to sell additional pieces of training.

I help my customers to create the user-experience their machine operators deserve, and therefore, to decrease their customer support effort and to increase their customer retention rates.

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