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The all-in-one resource to help machine tool manufacturers to create great-looking and easy-to-use UIs.

On this page, you find insider knowledge about machine tool UIs, GUI frameworks required to build great HMIs and intersecting topics such as motion-control and robotics.

I organized the articles on this page based on previous knowledge needed on a topic to fully understand the content of the material. If you are starting with a specific topic, begin with the beginner articles, proceed with advanced posts and if you require in-depth details, continue with the expert content.

If you want to read the articles in chronical order instead, or if you're going to look for some inspiration on machine tool UI related topics, please follow this link to get a complete list of articles: Articles page


The following articles don't require any previous knowledge on the topic to be understood. Moreover, little to no prior expertise about technical details is necessary to read the articles.


The advanced level articles require some previous knowledge about the topic. For example articles about ROS require basic knowledge ROS to be understood. Some technical knowledge is necessary to understand the full content of the items.


These articles go in depth into technical details and are usually tailed to field experts and particular problems. In-depth knowledge is necessary to understand the content thoroughly.

Other Recommended Resources

If you are hungry for more valuable content on machine UIs and HMIs, I can recommend you the following additional resources.

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