Using ChatGPT and Qt for Fun and Profit

2 minutes read
Welcome to today's blog post, where we'll be exploring the exciting possibilities of using the ChatGPT API in combination with Qt and QML to create chatbots and AI assistants. OpenAI recently released the ChatGPT API, which is a large language model that provides a chat interface that can be used to create custom applications, chatbots, and more. This post is ...

Qt Python vs Qt C++

Choosing Qt for Python or Qt C++?

8 minutes read
In this article, you will learn the differences between choosing Python or C++ as programming language when working with the Qt framework. In many aspects, the comparison between Qt/C++ vs. Qt/Python boils down to comparing C++ with Python. However, in some points, the particular differences between the Python bindings for Qt and the native Qt/C++ implementation are a major deciding ...

Live Coding Workflow C++

Qt/QML Live Coding for Everyone

< 1 minute read
Remember my blog post about speeding up your Python QML GUI development with live coding?? I figured that Python is not enough as I recently worked on a few more Qt/C++ projects. Since C++ is not easily live-codable, meaning we can't reload the entire project, another approach was necessary. Therefore, I created a C++ version of my live coding project. ...

Live Coding Workflow

Speed Up Your GUI Development with Python Qt and QML Live Coding

4 minutes read
Are you still hitting the Run button every time you want to verify a GUI element in your Python Qt and QML application looks as you expected? Or are you relying on your working memory to imagine the changes in your mind? Both approaches work, but you are wasting a lot of time and energy, which you could spend more ...

A robot, ROS logo and pytest logo

Testing ROS powered Robots with pytest

3 minutes read
In this article, you will learn how to use Pytest to successfully test ROS powered robots. In particular I explain how to employ pytest for testing ROS nodes. Introduction ROS, the Robot Operating System, which is actually no operating system but a middleware plus a huge number of tools to build a distributed system, comes with excellent Python bindings. ROS ...

Machinekit at the Open Minds Awards

Machinekit won the Austrian Open Source Award 2017

< 1 minute read
Machinekit just won an Open Minds Award - thats the Austrian Open Source Award - in the category Open Source Software - Development! Reasons mentioned for choosing Machinekit as the winner of the award are the flexibility Machinekit controlling robots, CNC machines and 3d printers using realtime Linux. However, more importantly, the suitability of the project for makers as well ...

Running Qt Creator in emacs-mode

2 minutes read
In this blog post, you will learn how to run Qt Creator in emacs-mode or in layman terms how to configure GNU Emacs keybindings in Qt Creator. Why I write this blog post This mini-tutorial is a note to my future self, searching how to configure Qt Creator to behave like Emacs all over the internet after another system reset. ...

Rendering to a monochrome OLED display with QML

4 minutes read
Rendering to a monochrome OLED display with QML In this blog post, you will learn how to write QtQuick applications for an OLED display without modifying the Linux kernel. My testing system is an SSD1306 based 128x64 monochrome OLED display connected via I2C to the CHIP single board computer. Motivation I recently came across a post on the Qt Blog ...