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Remember my blog post about speeding up your Python QML GUI development with live coding??

I figured that Python is not enough as I recently worked on a few more Qt/C++ projects. Since C++ is not easily live-codable, meaning we can't reload the entire project, another approach was necessary.

Therefore, I created a C++ version of my live coding project. The most important update is, that live coding is now deployed as a QML module to be integrated into your own application.

This way, you can have all the benefits of live coding combined with the comfort of your own project setup.

Check out my video tutorial on how to get started with Qt/QML live coding for C++:

For more info you can also take a look at the source code on GitHub:

If you are a Python user, you might want to take a look at the Python version of the project. I have also updated the QML live coding for Python to support embedding your project.

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