Machinekit won the Austrian Open Source Award 2017

Machinekit at the Open Minds Awards 1 minute read

Machinekit just won an Open Minds Award - thats the Austrian Open Source Award - in the category Open Source Software - Development!

Reasons mentioned for choosing Machinekit as the winner of the award are the flexibility Machinekit controlling robots, CNC machines and 3d printers using realtime Linux. However, more importantly, the suitability of the project for makers as well as commercial and industrial applications.

Open Minds Award Winners 2017
Open Minds Award Winners 2017

If you want to learn more about the Open Minds Awards and other nominated projects please visit the official website.

A big thank you goes to everyone contributing to Machinekit. Open source project live and strive with the community evolving around them. Be it code, documentation or answering questions in the forums, every contribution counts.

This, in fact, your award:

The Open Minds Award
The Open Minds Award

Machine Koder

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