Working with QtQuick and Python on a real-life Robotics Project

Working with QtQuick and Python on a real-life Robotics Project

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Today I'm going to share with you the recording of my talk from QtDay 2019. It was my first time at QtDay, and I really can recommend it for everyone interested in a developer-focused conference all about Qt, QtQuick, and QML.


I have learned many things about creating QtQuick applications with Python working on a graphical programming environment for a new industrial robot. In this talk, I'm going to elaborate on my experience, including practical topics such as development workflow and testing, using real-life examples.

In my talk, I will describe my experience working on a real-life project with QtQuick and Python. The project I'm talking about is a graphical programming environment for a new industrial robot, which will be released end of this year. My customer chooses Python over C++ for a couple of reasons which I will explain in my talk.

I have experience working with Qt for over a decade. Until last year, I have mostly worked with Qt C++, although I'm a passionate Python programmer for many years. Since I had many objections choosing Python over C++ when working Qt, I will express them in my talk and explain my findings in working on a real-life Python Qt project for over a year.

Besides talking about my findings working with Python and Qt, I will also elaborate on practical and relevant topics for the Python Qt programmer with real-life examples. These topics include:

  • Tools, workflow, and lifecycle of a Python Qt project.
  • A way to structure a mixed Python and Qt QML project.
  • How to do unit and GUI testing for Qt application with pytest.
  • Clean coding practices for Python Qt applications.
  • Debugging mixed Python and C++ applications.

In the year I intensively worked with Python and Qt, especially QtQuick, I not only encountered flowers and roses, but I also found many snares. Therefore, a part of my presentation is dedicated to informing you about them.

Watching this video is highly recommended if you are Qt C++ developer considering to test-drive Qt Python, if you are Python developer interested in Qt or if you are just curious about the robot HMI project I use as a basis for the talk.

The Talk


In the talk, you learned how to use QtQuick and Python in a real-life project. Unfortunately, there wasn't enough time to cover everything in the speech.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments section or send me a message.

Don't forget to also check out the other talks from the QtDay on YouTube.

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